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Dear Parents,

Have you ever feel helpless whenever your child seek your help in Math? Math nowadays are very difficult. Even adults themselves, might be able to do well in their math during their school days, also find that it is extremely difficult to solve the math questions. Some difficult math questions have 'forced' parents to use algebra method to solve, but such method might be completely an 'alien' to your child. If parents does not know how to teach algebra, might make things even worse, they confused the child by complicating the whole things, till the child finally gives up math as well.

Once your child gave up in math, no matter how much effort you have put in, trying to tell them not to give up, or convince them by explaining the importance of math. By then, it will be completely useless, as you have unconsciously 'pushed' your child into a vicious endless cycle - keep hating and failing math.

Before your child fall into the vicious cycle, you need to do something now, in order to expect a change for the better tomorrow. Of course, you might think of buying tons of assessment books and top school papers, for your child to practice and practice till he or she improves in math.

Such a common method might seem to work in some children but not all. Even if it works well, your child will not have any childhood life. If such method doesn't work, and you keep using it, can you expect a different result?

Or maybe you choose to give your child's as many math tuition as possible. The more, the better. However, too much will exhaust your child's energy, till he or she completely worn out. Practice will Never be Perfect if you do NOT know How to do it RIGHT.

In MATHS SPECIALIST, we impart tactics and strategies to score 'A' in Math, so that your child can master math with little effort and time, regardless how badly our child has done in the past. We strongly believed that Less is More, since 2003. Till Today, we have countless success stories to support our effectiveness in our math tuition (For Success Stories, CLICK HERE).

Not only my tactics and strategies, can help my students to score 'A' in Maths but other subjects as well. The most 'SHOCKING' part about such tactics and strategies, which I named it as FILOMATHS, can be applied in society as well. That is why my graduate students still keep in touch with me. They are now my friends. The longest friendship I have with my student is 15 years and is still counting. Some of them even come back to help in MATHS SPECIALIST. A few gets married, and only one has kids. Can you see how good are our bonding? Can you see what is beyond my maths tuition?

You can even Click Here to see How Successful are my students after they have graduated from MATHS SPECIALIST officially. Wondering how I do it? CLUE Only: I am just making use of the subject math to Instill them the Recipes of Success, unconsciously. That is why so many wise parents who see the 'REAL' filomaths, send their children to me, to continue their math tuition even after scoring 'A' consistently, even to the extend of being my friends for almost a decade or even longer after the 'O' levels. Shocking???

I even used FILOMATHS in my business as well, and therefore MATHS SPECIALIST has become a Multiple Award-Winning Math Tuition Centre. Below is the REAL Proof!


Receiving ASIA PACIFIC BRANDS AWARD from Member of Parliament

for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC - Mr Zainudin Nordin.


I understand that it is pretty painful to see parents who want to send their children to us, but due to distance and timing, they sent their children to ordinary math tuition centre or engaging ordinary math tutors, who enjoy 'flooding' their students with tons of math homework, building more stress to the students.

Therefore, we tapped on technology, the Facebook Messenger, which can bring every children closer to us, even though they are living very far. Now, they can have Math Tuition with us, with just a click, from Anywhere at Anytime! Therefore, my trainers and I joined together, to help as many students as possible through Facebook.

By joining our Facebook Math Tuition, your child can even request the following detailed explanation for Free to further enhance his or her understanding, even after we have explained to him or her. Below is how we can extend to make sure your child can fully understand from just $0.99..



Our Very Detailed Explanation


Our Explanation usually consists of 3 basic things.

They are keywords, detailed model drawings, and detailed workings.


"We keep things simple and clear, so that

you can understand them in just 1 glance."


1st: Keywords


2nd: Detailed Model Drawings



3rd: Detailed Workings


"If we can Explain Primary Math so detailed and

Simple to Understand for both Parents and Students,

we can even explain Secondary Math even much better,

as Secondary Students are much more mature!"



If your child stay with us for 1 month or even longer ...

Your child may have our Very Exclusive Notes

for FREE to Accelerate his or her Math Result

even Further and Faster, with Much Lesser Effort!


Sample #1


Sample #2


Sample #3



"The longer they stay with us, the more Powerful Notes

and Secrets, will be Revealed by us!"



If your child stay with us for 3 months or even longer ...

You may even request from us to make a Video to teach your child for

FREE (Worth $150 per video), as you can see some sample videos below.


Explanation on 'Fewer Than' Problem Sum


Explanation on Primary 6 Problem Sum


Explanation on Secondary 1 Algebra


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