Welcome to P5/P6 Maths Workshop for both Parents and Students!

HOUGANG BRANCH: BLK 203, HOUGANG ST 21, #04-67, S(530203)

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to Score A or A* for Maths!


>>> For Primary 5 & 6 <<<

(For Both Parents and Students!)

Left: 12 Seats Only!


This Workshop is Personally Conducted by

the Founder of MATHS SPECIALIST - Mr K L Chua.









 A Message From:

 Mr K L Chua,

 Founder of Maths Specialist




Dear Parents,

Have you ever feel helpless whenever your child seek your help in Maths? Do you feel very useless whenever you see your child struggles in Maths, and you can't do anything, except sympathy him or her? It will be even very sad to see your child unable to solve so much Maths problems and yet he or she has to hand in his or her Maths homeworks the next day. Seeing your child in such state, having to burn midnight oil, cracking his or her brain, trying to finish the maths homework as soon as possible, in order to go to sleep, is truly heart-breaking to all parents. It is also a health hazard if your child keeps burning midnight oil, and does not have enough good sleep.

The worst part is Maths questions nowadays are extremely very difficult. Whatever you have learnt during schooldays, are almost completely not relevant to help your child today. What you can do to help your child at the most is to watch, comfort and pity. Do you sick of watching, comforting and sympathy your child? Do you want to do something practically, so that you can actually stop your child's pains in learning Maths?

Yes! Now, You can accompany your child to learn with you in our Maths Workshop. Your child will inspired by such action. Show your child the right learning attitude, by show your child how willingly you are to overcome all odds to learn Maths again. Your child's learning attitude will change drastically because of you. Your child will feel touched definitely. His or her fighting spirit and morale will boost up significantly. With strong fighting spirit and high morale, your child can overcome all obstacles, to score 'A' in Maths. Mind over matter, does really matter!

Now, are you afraid that you are unable to catch up, during the Maths Workshop. Not to worry, I don't teach at my level, I teach at the lowest level whereby everyone can understand. Talk is cheap! Anyway, this Maths workshop is the only workshop in Singapore that comes with Moneyback Guarantee, with No questions asked. So it totally Risk-Free for you, and worth trying.

Why am I doing this? Simply because I have good track record (For success stories, Click Here), and therefore I am very confident you and your child can understand what I am teaching during my maths workshop.

And do you know that MATHS SPECIALIST is also a Multiple Award-Winning Tuition Centre? Below is a photo of me, receiving one of the awards from a MP - Mr Zainudin Nordin.


Receiving an award from MP for

Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC - Mr Zainudin Nordin



So What are You Waiting for???



Sign up our Workshop Today and

You can receive our EXCLUSIVE



file for FREE.


<============ FREE! ============>

<============ FREE! ============>



Let us Take a Glance of the

inside of the above Exclusive File

(Only the First 5 pages Only).






During the Maths Workshop, Your Child will discover the


and also he or she will Learn the following ...


1) The Psychology of How A* students Think

2) 3 Things to MASTER, to Master Every Topics

3) How to Get Out of 'STUCK' Situation in Just 3 Seconds

4) How to Eliminate Careless Mistakes 100% Without Spending Additional Time!

5) Exactly Know How to Use our 5 Analyzing Ways to Solve Any Maths Questions

6) Ways to 'squeeze' at least 1 mark or even Full Mark for Very Difficult Questions

7) Breathing Tactics to Calm Yourself Down Instantly

8) 'BACK UP' Tactics to tackle Extreme Difficult Questions


Workshop Details:

  DATE: - NA -

TIME: 3pm to 4pm

LOCATION: Blk 203, Hougang Street 21, #04-67, S(530203)


 Offer VALID till 30 SEPTEMBER 2016!  

=====> Left: 12 Seats Only! <=====

RATE (PUBLIC during the Free Wkshp): *$300 (Normal Rate: $500) per head

RATE (PUBLIC during the Free Wkshp): $200 (Normal Rate: $500) per head

>>> Want to Sign up our 1-hr Free Wkshp?  If 'Yes', Click Here!

RATE (OUR STUDENT during the Free Wkshp): $150 (Normal Rate: $500) per head

>>> Want to be Our Student? If 'Yes', Click Here!

 Offer VALID till 30 SEPTEMBER 2016!


NOTE: There will be one-time processing fee of $50 (Non-Refundable).



On the 1st Day of our Maths Workshop, if you find that it is NOT suitable for you or

your child, just give us a letter of termination at the end of the 1st day, and we shall

refund you the Maths Workshop fee with NO Question Asked! After which, there

shall be NO Refund. Please Do NOT misuse such policy, to avoid being blacklisted.

We are doing business with highest integrity, and such integrity should be Appreciated

and NOT to be Abused. We will sincerely appreciate, if you can give us your valuable

feedback on How we can Improve! Be kind and not criticizing in your feedback,

because we are human beings, and we have feelings. We can't be Perfect, but we will

improve, and do our very best. Thanks in Advance and Have a Nice Day!


>>> Click Here to PM us on How We Can Improve. Thanks.



Registration Hours: Every Sat or Sun, from 1pm to 4pm at our Hougang Branch.

Address: BLK 203, HOUGANG STREET 21, #04-67, S(530203)



For Enquiries,

Call our Education Consultant - ALEX @ 90-70-40-25,

on WeekDAYS, from 9am to 6pm.



Mr K L Chua

His Blog: www.kimleong.com

His FB: www.facebook.com/filomaths

The Founder of Maths Specialist

Filomaths Master Trainer


MS URL: www.filomaths.com

MS Blog: www.filomath.blogspot.com

MS FB: w ww.facebook.com/MSfilomaths




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