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 A Message From:

 Mr K L Chua,

 Founder of Maths Specialist




Dear Parents,


Are you looking for a good and trustworthy Maths Tuition in Singapore? Does your child keep avoiding the subject Maths, as FAR as possible? Do you think by avoiding Maths, can your child do well in Maths? Do you really need a Maths Tutor, NOT only know how to teach the subject -  Maths, but also able to INSPIRE your child to fall in love with Maths? Does your child hate Maths, just because he or she thought that he or she has to practise tons of Maths questions, in order to score A in Maths? But, there is One and Only Maths Tutor in Singapore, who dare to challenge such traditional thinking, saying that ...


"If Learning Less CAN Score A in Maths,

WHY Learn MORE to Suffer More?"



from Member of Parliament for

Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC - Mr Zainudin Nordin.


You can search around in Singapore, there is almost No Maths Tutors or Maths Teachers, ever tell you or your child that by PRACTISING LESS, your child can do even better. Skeptical?


"Practise in applying the Strategies,

and NOT Just the Questions.

Practise ONLY the Core Topics,

and NOT Every Topics."


You and your child might even think that ... memorising all the Maths formulas is the minimum requirement to pass maths tests or exams. Right? You can try sending your child to any so-called good Maths Tuition Centres in Singapore, or engaging many highly paper-qualified Maths Tutors or Maths Teachers for your child, you will realise that almost everyone from almost everywhere keep telling your child to memorise Maths Formulas. There is only one Maths tutor in his Maths Tuition Centre tells his students NOT to memorise Maths Formulas.


"We dont teach Your Child to


We teach Your Child How To Observe,

to Know and Understand Maths Formulas!"


Your child might make many careless mistakes, resulting him or her to fail very badly. Your childs maths tutors, maths teachers, or maths school teachers, no matter where the maths teachers or maths tutors are from, regardless they are from good reputable schools, maths tuition centres or etc. They will just keep telling your child ... Be Careful during Maths Tests or Exams! However, they do not tell your child HOW to be Careful. We TELL and SHOW them exactly HOW!


"We shall PREVENT Careless Mistakes

from arising by doing a PROPER Presentation,

so that we can check and correct

our mistakes instantly while solving."


There is one MATHS TUITION Centre in Singapore that TELLS, SHOWS, CONVINCES and TRAINS your child every details to achieve A in Maths. Therefore, it has created many students succeed not only in Maths, but also other subjects, and even beyond academics success and it is now still creating more such students, regardless how badly they have done in the PAST! It is NOT about the Past, it is more about today what you are going to do, for a better tomorrow.


If you DO NOT Know the Ways,

Everything will be DIFFICULT!

Once you know the WAYS,

Everything will be EASY!"



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Mr K L Chua

His Blog: www.kimleong.com

His FB: www.facebook.com/filomaths

The Founder of Maths Specialist

Filomaths Master Trainer


MS URL: www.filomaths.com

MS Blog: www.filomath.blogspot.com

MS FB: www.facebook.com/MSfilomaths


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