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WARNING This section and beyond is for serious parents and teens who want to succeed in

their studies and life only. This program is only for teens who are committed to achieve all the

A's in their exams and parents who are committed in helping their teens.


"Highly acclaimed Academic

Excellence Expert,

Dr. Ernest Wong,

reveals study secrets that

have transformed

ordinary students to

top A's scoring achievers!"



Super-TeensTM Holiday Camp (Age 13-21)

Dear Dad and Mum,

Have you every wondered why your child/children cannot seem to do well in their studies?

You know that it takes hard work, by both yourself and your child to consistently do well in their studies. You may have given your child a lot of 'help' in the form of tuition (and the tuition teachers are MOE trained teachers themselves), bought for them 4 assessment books and Ten-Year series per subject and enrolled them in enrichment classes like

Mind Maps, Memory classes, Abacus, Language classes, Phonics, Drama, Music Creative Thinking, and many other classes.

Your child's teachers may have given him or her extra remedial classes, exam practices, exam questions from top schools, extra homework and even one-to-one coaching and despite that, your child's grades improve only minimally or stay the same.

I know that you have spent a lot of money, time and effort providing the best possible education for your child and you want nothing more than for your child to succeed in their studies at this point in their lives so that they can have a high chance to also succeed in life later on and you are just dog-on tired. TIRED of not seeing results.

Let me tell you something, Your child is tired too!

Your child is so frustrated with all the extra work he or she has to do, on top of all the homework from school! He or she thinks that Dad and Mum are crazy to pile them with so much extra work, tuition and classes. The pressure they get from you and school is tremendous. They feel that you treat them like robots! They don't have time to 'hang-out' with their friends or do something they like to do. They become so frustrated and pressurised that they start to hate studying! Studying is so difficult and not fun for them.

And I hear so often from parents: "I have given my son so much tuition", "My daughter just dislikes to study", "My child is not motivated at all", "I have tried everything!", "I don't know what else to do to help my child do well in their studies."

I understand your pain and your child's frustrations towards studying. I hear so often from students that tuition doesn't work, that teachers that don't teach effectively, that they hate to study, studying is difficult, school is boring, "I hate exams!".

Whilst I can relate to the frustration, let me ask you, Dad and Mum, this: If your child performs poorly in their main exam, the O' Levels, WILL THEIR FUTURE BE BRIGHT? Will they get into the Junior College or Polytechnic of their choice? Will they be able to go to university later? Or will they end up in some place they do not want to go to? WORSE STILL, WHAT IF THEY HAVE TO GO TO THE WORKFORCE AFTER THEIR 'O' LEVELS WITHOUT A DEGREE? DO YOU THINK THEIR LIFE WILL HAVE AN EASY START? IS IT EASY TO ATTAIN THE DREAMS THAT YOU HAVE FOR THEM OR THEIR OWN DREAMS? DO YOU WANT THEM TO STRUGGLE THROUGH LIFE'S TURMOILS?

The answers are plain to see. Therefore, Dad and Mum, you cannot afford to let your teen take the chance NOT TO SUCCEED in the O'Levels. If he or she does not do well in it and ends up not being able to go to JC or Poly, it will be very difficult to get a University degree locally. That is the reality of our education system. Some of you can afford send your teen overseas for a degree, but many of us cannot. For the privileged few who can, would you rather send them to a good overseas university since you are paying so much? Would a degree from MIT, Harvard or Oxford be more recognised than one from another less prestigious university? THAT CHOICE of a better university DEPENDS on your teen's 'O' Level results!

To get better results, would you agree, Dad and Mum, that your teen simply requires a little motivation and the right strategies and correct study skill-set to help them improve? Your teen deserves the best guidance possible, because he or she is worth it. You know you want the best for them. Don't wait until it's too late.

This program will help both your child and you.
Let us help you, we know you have a burning desire to help your child succeed.

"Super-TeensTM is fun, they taught me simple but unique techniques. I am now a new me! Super-TeensTM is the best place to be!"

Haziq, Singapore
Participant of STHC Mar 2006



Yours truly,
Dr Ernest Wong.

Founder of Learning Mastery

Teaching Methodology

Advanced Holistic Teaching Methods

"Why does John's classmate do well in school while my son does not? And he doesn't even have tuition, but John has tuition for every subject!" Do you sometimes have this thought? Chances are, there is nothing wrong with John or with your child. They are perhaps more right brain dominated, while those classmates that 'do well' are possibly more left brain dominated. It is common knowledge that the Left-brain takes care of functions like Logic, Languages, Numbers, Analysis and Sequence. Consider those subjects like Math, English, Mother Tongue, Science that are taught in school, it is easy to see they are all Left-brain subjects! Thus our Right-brain children are facing this major disadvantage in school.

Learning Mastery uses the synergistic combination of the advanced Whole Brain Teaching, Accelerated Learning Methods, Experiential Learning and the highly effective NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming from USA. Each student is treated as a gifted teenager.

The teenager will be learning in a stimulating, suggestive and stress-free environment, given individual attention and be driven by a positive attitude from within. He will as a result experience fast learning, greater ease in absorption and longer retention, often 3 to 10 times greater than if traditional teaching methods were used.

Super-TeensTM incorporates the advanced teaching concepts of world-renowned experts including ERIC JENSEN, TONY BUZAN, ROBERT DILTS, MICHAEL GELB, JACK CANFIELD and DR. GEORGE LOZANOV. Through simplified explanations and illustrations on how the brain works, students begin to discover many important facts and learn how to maximise their performance.

The best part of it all ... It is Learning by having FUN!

Super-TeensTM is a fast-moving, high-energy program that is jam-packed with excitement and challenges that promotes Growth and draws out their Personal Excellence.

They will learn more in one session of the Super-TeensTM program than in the rest of the school year! How will they do that? Read Further to see the four Key Skill Areas they will learn: Academic, Personal, Social and Excellence.


The course, designed by Dr. Ernest Wong, offers a Holistic approach that includes the 10-Step Study Process he researched and developed. It has proven successful by the many successes his students experienced in their studies and later in life. So much so that schools and other training institutes have also adopted this training approach.  


Academic Skills

These are the "How-to-Learn" skills that are essential for academic excellence.

We believe there is no poor memory, only a trained or an untrained one. One of the best parts of the Super-TeensTM program: understanding and application of the principles of memory.

Teens will learn proven systems to use their vast but untapped memory capacity for remembering facts, figures, names, languages, text-books and examinations materials. This new skill will especially enhance, the ability to learn vocabulary and thus help in the studying of any subject.

Accelerated Reading
Teens will master three types of reading: These 3 techniques are flexible and can be used according to the need or the type of reading material. This essential unique skill also builds better comprehension and improves recall in reading. Teens will be able to read at least 4 times their current average reading speed.

Peak Studying Performance (PSP)
Teens will learn how to handle any studying mood and instantly turn them into the most positive and resourceful state for optimum concentration and absorption of material. Specific techniques will be demonstrated to help teens to study virtually any type of school material for academic successes.

Super-TeensTM Holistic Studying Method
Most students get bored easily when studying new or old subjects. Teens will begin to learn more systematically with these proper procedures. This method has helped thousands of students to become active learners almost immediately with astonishing results. When they learn how-to-learn, students will be able to experience the JOY OF LEARNING!

Successful Exam Skills
Teens will gain powerful rules for exam-taking mastery. With these proven strategies, they will eliminate fear, anxiety and lack of confidence about exams. Taking exam will be their pleasure and not pressure. Secrets of Writing Skills Teens will be amazed at how easily they can conquer a "writer's block" and achieve breakthroughs in writing school papers.

Creative Note Taking
An exciting, effective and proven method to increase the understanding of any subject and recall ability both in school and at home.

This method utilises the latent left/right brain integration learning, which includes Clustering, Visual Mapping and Spidergrams.

"It's amazing how much we could learn during the few days of the program. The training environment is really special - so very relaxing and conducive to learning."

 "Super-TeensTM rocks!", Clarissa, KL 


Personal Skills

Just as important as the "How-to" skills, participants must know the "Why" behind it. Why do they study? Is it to do well in exams? Perhaps. The real reason for studying should be to enable oneself to have more choices in life.

Once they see the "Why", it will create the fuel to drive them tenaciously on. They will tackle problems that school and life will throw at them, something that is never taught in a normal classroom environment.

At this age, teens will love to discover their directions and purpose in life, how to determine exactly what they want and set realistic goals with step-by-step strategies to achieve them.

Self-Esteem and Self-Worth
This is the most valuable and worthwhile benefit of going through our programs. They will be constantly nurtured, developed and expanded by our faculty of superb, caring trainers and resources. When they learn to appreciate who they are, when they are able to pinpoint their own inner source of strength and discover the greatness inside themselves, they'll begin to excel dramatically and enjoy happiness and fulfillment in their studies and personal lives.

Positive Inner Motivation
They will learn to live each moment of the day fully by breaking through limiting self-images and negative attitudes. They will learn specific techniques that can be put to use immediately to renew and re-energise themselves. Throughout the program, teens will continuously build a strong positive self-image and energy that will inspire them to new heights of achievement. Our Resources are always on hand with high spirits and positive reinforcement to ensure their success in this program.

Courage and Self-Confidence
For many, this is one of the most impacting and gratifying experiences of their lives to help them be their best. The teens will feel total care, trust and support. They'll learn how to break moods & habits that are hurting them. With new increased confidence, their results will also be improved.

Time Management
Teens will be taught proper planning of their time; When to play, when to enjoy, when to study and even how much time to sleep. With better time management, their lives will become more organised and disciplined.

Stress Control
They will gain specific strategies to handle the stress of conflict, anger and difficult situations. By learning how to bring about more balance into your lives, they will begin to enhance their physical, mental and creative abilities. There will also be beautifully structured exercises that will guide students to a state of relaxation and positive mind, especially during examinations.

Problem Solving & Decision Making Techniques
Six powerful step-by-step techniques that will enable the student to analyse the situation, identify the problem, evolve solutions creatively and formulate alternative strategies to reach the desired state.

Solving problems will thus become exciting challenges and be used as a learning experience to re-establish their directions in life.

Social Skills

To lead a balanced life, you will agree that one cannot just excel in studies or be financially rich and be happy. What good are all the material successes without the people we love to share them with? Here the human aspect of development is aptly incorporated into the program for this very reason.

Family Relationships
Teens will understand and realise the importance of having family. They will come to be in touch with themselves and in certain cases, be transformed.

Developing Leadership Skills
Understanding the various styles of leadership and its influence in different situations. With more choices, teens can develop more flexibility for maximum group performance.

"I learnt a lot in Super-TeensTM , like how to be a good leader. I used to be lack of confidence, but now I have more confidence."

Ee Von, Malaysia
Participant of STHC Mar 2006

How to influence People and Win Friends
Your effectiveness depends on the co-operation you get from others. Teens will learn how to build rapport, high self-esteem and present themselves in a more powerful image as a leader that will inspire others.

These strategies will make people pull together and unite behind common objectives.

People and Communication Skills
They will gain valuable ideas and experience on how to assert themselves, express themselves, listen to others, win their co-operation and learn to establish mutually enriching friendships.

Challenge of Excellence

It is said the best school of learning is the school of experience. Participants are put through numerous outdoor activities to be instilled the values and skills they learned.

Rope Courses
The elegant display of Fun, Playfulness, Facing Challenges and Jubilation will be seen in this natural learning setting. It will be an experience one will love and always remember.

Low Element Adventure
Through these physical challenges, students will begin to observe patterns of behaviour or response and elicit them, create new improved ones and install them. With our technology, you can begin to duplicate by modeling patterns of excellence.  


Group Patterns
These exercises allow each individual to reveal their response in different roles of the games and make changes, so as to acquire flexibility and choices in the interaction with people in their lives. More importantly, students will learn to connect those elegant body patterns or movements of physical excellence to their daily personal or professional situations for high performance.

Follow Up

A comprehensive follow up section has been designed to continue the Super-TeensTM education with the Graduates.

Parenting session
Parents will be taught on how to continue to motivate the Graduates after the program. Dads and Mums will also be advised on the effective ways to deal with their children in order to forge closer relationships.

Parent-Child Counseling
When the need arises, one-on-one counseling sessions can be arranged to address issues, be they educational or family related.

Oasis Application Classes
We understand that after an empowering course, students will want to stay focused and inspired. The 'Oasis' Application Classes were designed around the 3 'R's: Recharge, Refresh, Renew

Our objectives: To conduct a total of 12 lessons for Graduates of the Super-TeensTM and Smart KidsTM programs to empower them with the necessary tools, attitudes and habits for them to excel in their examinations.

Oasis would first seek to empower Graduates with the key for them to gain awareness. The Graduates will apply and practice the skills that they learnt in the programs and in due course, attain mastery.

Genius Student Circle
The Genius Student Circle (GSC) serves as a networking circle to allow Graduates to keep abreast of the latest happenings or even to share anecdotes in our ever-expanding family. We welcome all Super-TeensTM and Smart KidsTM Graduates to keep in contact with each other here.

Stay Motivated Workshops
Graduates are welcome to join subsequent workshops for FREE*. We understand the need to attend refresher workshops to remain motivated. Let us do the help you to continue to motivate your child after the program

Coaching by email
We understand the necessity for confirmation of queries. As such, Learning Mastery trainers are always contactable by email for any such clarifications.

"Super-TeensTM is the best!"

Satish, KL,
Participant of STHC Mar 2006


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