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"Exam is Just a Game!

How Your Child Can

be a Winner Always!"

Dear Parents,


My goal for Learning Mastery is really very simple and straight forward. To help you learn the important strategies you need at various stages of your life. To provide you with the necessary skills that you can use and apply to help you achieve the desired results in life, or the results that you once only “hoped” to achieve. Imagine this, while others have to struggle, work really hard and even fail before they can get what they want, you have already learnt how to skip all those hardship and reach your results faster, EASIER.



If I help you thrive and survive; if I help you achieve the results that you want in life, at work, or even for your children; if I help you reach your millionaire dream as I have with my other students; if I help you find your own purpose and direction in life, to live a meaningful and fulfilling life, chances are that you would continue to work with me in many other areas, as a means of giving back. You will most probably recommend to others, my programs and services. After all, you would already know that my ideas and methodology work for you.


I have created my own luck through my life. Even though I had been down and out, bankrupted twice when in my prime, I made sure that I learnt from those “mistakes” and secured more opportunities for myself. And of course, I used strategies. Strategies which have been time proven since 19th century, strategies which work, strategies that helped others to succeed, STRATEGIES that I want to share with you to create more opportunities and realize them for yourself.


You have a choice, to research and trial and error for years before getting what you want in life OR let me show you how. I am sure you know which is a better choice.


The information that is provided in this site is the best of information that can help you succeed. Totally action focused strategies. So you can rest assured that the information are not theoretical from textbooks, and not been proven; these information is the same as the ones I have provided to all my other clients and have made immense fortune, created a better life for themselves and people around them. I am giving you that same information.

Therefore, I invite you to bookmark this site and return again. I look forward to your great future!

Don’t tell me whether you can or cannot, just tell me whether you want it or not…

Yours truly,
Dr Ernest Wong.

Founder of Learning Mastery


What some teens say...


"I received 7 A1s and 2 A2s and was able to qualify for the school and course of my choice. I would like to specially thanks Super-Teen and all the mentors."

Super-Teen Jean Chan Sook Chong,
Scored 9 A's for O-Level examinations 2006


"I never thought that I could ever do well for my 'O' level exams but Super-Teen made me believe in myself. All my hard work

paid off in the end, I got into Raffles Junior College."

Super-Teen Trina Chan,
Scored 6 A's for O-Level examinations


"I used to be quiet and reserved by Super-Teen gave me all the confidence and leadership skills I needed to become the Vice-President of my Hall of residence in NUS (National University of Singapore)."

Super-Teen Ng Soon Gin,
Vice-President, National University of Singapore
Temasek Residence Hall Committee



Comments from Parents


"I was amazed at the change in my son after Super-Teen. He used to be lazy and indifferent towards his studies. His progress from bottom in class to the top shocked even his teachers."

Mdm Ying Leng


"After my daughter attended Super-Teen, my relationship with her has grown tremendously. We can communicate so much better now."

Mrs Lee Y A

"I find Super-Teen's constant follow-up sessions extremely beneficial. My son gets a chance to refresh whatever techniques he has learnt and gets re-energised too."

Mr Khoo T S



What some alumni say...


"Super-Teen is not just about getting good grades in school. It is about discovering who are and what you want out of life. It is learning how to be an ambitious and compassionate human being."

Super-Teen Eunice Lee,
Scored 9 distinctions for O-Level examinations


"Super-Teen was the turning point in my life. It made me realize I was born a winner capable of making my dreams come true."

Super-Teen Kenneth Wong,
Graduated with Highest Honors
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA



Press Reports About Super-Teen



"Their primary aim is to get each teen to believe in himself and learn the strategies for success in studies and in life"

Her World
Singapore, January 1999


"What do they learn? All the concepts that ambitious adults (managers and executives of big companies) learn to become

more motivated, more efficient, more successful."

Young Parents
Singapore, January 1989


"Super-Teen concentrates on learning strategies and challenging the mindsets that hamper the child's learning capacity and growth."
Her World
Malaysia, December 1986


"It was almost unbelievable to hear a group of children bubbling over with so much confidence, enthusiasm and joy. But that

 was the effect of the Super-Teen Holiday Camp."
Sunday Mail
Malaysia, December 1986

"Helping teenagers to realise their own dreams."
The Star
Malaysia, November 1988

"Self-esteem programmes develop a sense of responsibility among teenagers for their school work and social duties."
The Malay Mail
Malaysia, March 1988

"You could be a WHIZ-KID too! Super-Teen programme helps to put the zip back into jaded young lives."
New Straits Times
Malaysia, May 1987



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  Super-Teen Holiday Camp (Age 13-21 years)



Maths Tuition | Online Tuition | Holiday Workshop | Top School Papers | Classroom Rental

Tuition for Needy Students | Memory Book | Be Our Referrer | Sell Top School Papers Online

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